Articles available ahead of print


1. Peter Sloterdijk – ‘On Pseudonymous Politics: Regarding Implicit and Explicit Misconceptions of Democracy’

2. Forum: On ‘Pseudonymous Politics’ by Peter Sloterdijk

Featuring: Claudia Aradau, Friedrich Kratochwil, Barry J Ryan, Sassan Gholiagha Benjamin Tallis.

3. Forum: On ‘When One Extremism Unmasks Another’ by Johan van der Walt.

Featuring: Tim Krieger & Malte Dold, Josef Hien, Charlotte Heath-Kelly, Emmanuel-Pierre Guittet, Filipe dos Reis, Ben Kamis & Johan van der Walt.

4. Cultural Cut – Aliens and Herons’ by Pavel Karous, et al.

An extract from the book form of perhaps the most significant and moving Czech & Slovak art project of the 21st Century – and one of great relevance for a wide audience, including IR and IPS scholars interested in materiality, memory, identity and history. Beautifully photographed and presented remains of art in the public space from the normalisation era.

5. Joel T. Shelton – Diagnosing Europe: Greece, Macedonia and the Meaning of Crisis