New Perspectives Issue 03/2019 – OUT NOW


1. The Velvet Revolution Happened Yesterday
Alena Drieschová

Research Articles 

2. Brexit and EU Legitimation: Unwitting Martyr for the Cause?
Paul Beaumont
3.  How Quantum Ontology and Q Methodology Can Revive Agency in IR
Pinja Lehtonen
4.  Forgotten Velvet: Understanding Eastern Slovakia’s 1989
Marty Manor Mullins


5. Russia and the World: IMEMO Forecast 2019
Mark Galeotti, Cai Wilkinson, Alexander Graef, Paul Robinson, Glenn Diesen
6. Multiplicity and/as International Relations
Justin Rosenberg, Cameron Thies, Catarina Kinnvall, Alena Drieschová, Anatoly Reshetnikov, Benjamin Tallis
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