New Perspectives seeks to provide interdisciplinary insight into the politics and international relations of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). In encouraging interdisciplinary perspectives on CEE IR and Politics – broadly understood – we seek to widen and deepen interpretive and explanatory frameworks for creating useful knowledge on and in the region and support regional contributions to theoretical, conceptual and methodological development more widely.

Building on the success of its forerunner, Perspectives (founded in 1993), the journal has recently been transformed in order to keep pace with developments in international political research and to support the development of current and future IR research communities in Central and Eastern Europe and their connectedness to research communities in the wider world.

New Perspectives seeks to encourage and publish original research that is: methodologically systematic, rigorous and reflexive; theoretically innovative and compelling; or empirically ground-breaking. We interpret the borders of ‘Central and Eastern Europe’ broadly and so encourage submissions that reflect this.

New Perspectives seeks to attract submissions which address political aspects of regional affairs and their connections to the wider world, from the fields of: International Relations, Political Science, Security Studies and International Political Sociology; International Political Economy; Geography; Sociology; Anthropology; History; Cultural Studies and Legal Studies.

New Perspectives operates a rigorous peer-review process, facilitated by our world-class editorial board, is listed in the internationally recognised databases of SCOPUS and JSTOR and offers comparatively short turn-around times on submissions. All submissions should be sent to tallis[at]iir.cz – please refer to the guidelines for authors before submitting.