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01/2018 CONTENTS

1. Editorial: The World Is (Not) Heated - Benjamin Tallis

2. Special Section: The Prague Agenda - Michal Smetana, Anastasia Kazteridis, Matthew Kroenig, Sadia Tasleem, Richard Price, Jeffrey Fields, Jason Enia, Angela Kane, Dieter Fleck

Research Articles

3. Writing Kafka’s Soul: Disciplinary Power, Resistance & the Authorship of the Subject - Nicholas Dungey

4. History, Nationalism, and Democracy: Myth and Narrative in Viktor Orbán’s ‘Illiberal Hungary’ - Michael Toomey

5. The Fourth Generation: From Anti-Establishment to Anti-Systém Parties in Slovakia - Oľga Gyárfášová

Cultural Cut

6. HHhH & The 7th Function of Language - Laurent Binet

Fire image from ABC News. Kafka & Foucault Image created by Matyas Viktora.