02/2019 6. FORUM – Publicism, Truth-Pluralism and the Usefulness Problem in International Relations


Marwane Pallas, Mearchiavelli The Philomathean Society Used with permission of the image owner

In Issue 03/2018 of New Perspectives we published an article by Nicholas Michelsen on 'Publicism, Truth Pluralism and the Usefulness Problem' that took a critical look at IR's public presence, impact and engagement at its centenary. That this article featured in our special section on 'Post-Truth' shows much about the stake of Michelsen's argument and the role of scholarship in public and political discourse more widely. Needless to say, the piece provoked quite a response from the IR community and we are now delighted to publish a forum of responses to it as well as a rejoinder from Nick. This forum - like the article that provoked it - asks 'critical' scholars of IR whether they can and should do more to embrace the 'Publicist' function of our discipline, as many of those in IR's mainstream have. If they should, then how to do so? And what challenges and questions does publicism raise for critical scholars? Find out how this group of IR scholars tackled those questions and more in this forum.


Patrick Thaddeus Jackson- Pluralism, Publicity, And Scholarly Practice 

Emma Mc Cluskey - On The Impossibility Of Untangling Pluralism And Publicism

Maximilian Mayer & Nicholas Ross Smith - Taking Publicist IR Seriously: Plural Audiences And Communication Strategies

Sean Molloy - Don’t Be Useful, Just Think – And Network If You Must

Nicholas Michelsen - For A Pluralist Publicism In IR

Find the original article HERE (Free Download)