03/2018 8. Russia and the World 2018 Forecast – IMEMO


Foto: Creative Commons by 62693815@N03

New Perspectives is very pleased to present the latest iteration of a long-standing initiative, together with IMEMO, the Russian Academy of Science’s Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations. New Perspectives is again the only place where you can get this unique, English language insight into the thinking and worldview of the Russian foreign policy establishment. As we were somewhat delayed with this year’s publication, meaning that it is in practice less of a forecast than a ‘pastcast’, we are happy to also present a special ‘Autumn 2018’ update to the forecast from Irina Kobrinskaya, the head of the Centre for Situation Analysis at IMEMO. This update provides a valuable addition to the main forecast, and in both texts, ‘the Russia factor’ and how it is (mis)understood around the world is a prominent issue. The update also trails the 2019 forecast, which will be published in Russian in the next months and in English in New Perspectives in Spring 2019.

The timing of this year’s ‘forecast’ also allows us to do something a little different with our usual forum of responses that will be coming in our next issue: a group of leading Western scholars will not only respond to the 2018 forecast, but provide their own mini-forecasts of what lies in store for ‘Russia and the World’ in 2019. We hope you find this year’s forecast and update as stimulating as we did and that it provokes much needed discussion between Russian and Western experts.