03/2018 9. Update – Russia and the World: The Autumn of Our Discontent – Irina Kobrinskaya


Foto: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki /File:Vladimir_Putin_12020.jpg

As we were somewhat delayed with the publication of this year's IMEMO forecast in New Perspectives, meaning that it is in practice less of a forecast than a ‘pastcast’, we are happy to also present a special ‘Autumn 2018’ update to the forecast from Irina Kobrinskaya, the head of the Centre for Situation Analysis at IMEMO. This update is unique to NP and provides a valuable addition to the main forecast. In both texts, ‘the Russia factor’ and how it is (mis)understood around the world is a prominent issue, of which we will hear more soon in the forum of responses from leading Western scholars that we will publish in the next couple of months.

The update also trails the 2019 forecast, which will be published in Russian in the next month and in English in New Perspectives in Spring 2019.