Editorial: To Be “More Alert and Less Deceived.” “To Marvel At All There Is to Be Marvelled At.”


Benjamin Tallis

In a recent conversation I was asked why New Perspectives aspires to be an ‘Interdisciplinary Journal of Central and East European Politics and International Relations’ and, as a follow up, what was the value of this interdisciplinarity for IR scholars when “no one cares what you publish in a critical geography journal […] no one at the ISA is going to pat you on the back and say ‘nice piece’ if you publish it out- side of IR. No one cares.” That this was the attitude to interdisciplinary of one of the leading lights of International Political Sociology (IPS), a potential IR ‘master in the making’ is worrying, to say the least. And not just for us here at the journal.

In this issue of New Perspectives, I share the space normally allocated for the Editorial with Roland Bleiker, who provides us with a stunningly moving and still raw, yet rich and nuanced tribute to the brilliant Alex Danchev, who passed away in August, all too soon. Like Danchev’s entire oeuvre, his entire career, Bleiker’s piece provides an elegantly stinging response to the questions posed above and to what they represent in contemporary IR scholarship (although unlike those critical IR scholars who often imagine the grass is so much greener elsewhere, I don’t doubt that such attitudes have their correlates in other disciplines too).