FORUM – Multiplicity and/as International Relations



Justin Rosenberg - Multiplicity: What’s the Big Deal?

Cameron Thies - Multiplicity and Foreign Policy Analysis

Catarina Kinnvall - Multiplicity, Discipline and the Political

Alena Drieschová - The Multiplicity Straightjacket

Anatoly Reshetnikov - Multiplicity All-Around: In Defence of Nomadic IR and Its New Destination

Benjamin Tallis - Multiplicity: Taking Responsibility for the International

This Roundtable draws together scholars working in different ways and different settings to discuss how (and, indeed, whether) Multiplicity: 1) can become more deeply embedded in IR – does it indeed provide common ground? 2) helps IR scholars to widen the impact of our analyses beyond our disciplinary boundaries – and address the negative balance of ideational trade with cognate disciplines; and 3) has the potential to increase the impact of IR beyond academia – and what may need to be done to realise that potential? The Roundtable draws together scholars working in a variety of ways – ranging from political psychology, Constructivism and practice theory, critical theory, analysis of great power politics, Foreign Policy Analysis and Critical Security Studies – to explore what Multiplicity can do for and to (international) (political) (theory) as well as how it may affect the discipline of IR.