Forum: On New Travels in Space-time: Theoretical Rediscoveries after the Crisis in (Comparative) Capitalism(s)


Richard Westra, Ian Bruff, Matthias Ebenau, Daniel Šitera

In Vol. 23(02) (2015), we published an insightful and provocative review essay by Daniel Šitera on two recent and highly influential edited collections in the field of International Political Economy (IPE). We are now delighted to present the responses of several of the editors of those collections, Richard Westra, Ian Bruff and Matthias Ebenau (the latter two writing together), which contest and contextualise Šitera’s interpretations but also show the potential of his analysis to carry forward the conversation on (and in) the Comparative Capitalisms debate. Šitera then provides a stirring rejoinder that will give scholars within, but also beyond IPE pause for thought as it speaks to some of the key debates of our time, the perennial ‘reform versus revolution’ debate and the role of normativity in scholarly analysis more widely. We are, therefore, delighted to provide a platform for this important conversation and hope to see it continue in various forms on these pages in issues to come.

  • 1. Travels to Socialism Interrupted: Origins of the Varieties of Capitalism Debate, Richard Westra
  • 2. Comparative Capitalisms Research: the Intellectual Openness and Political Possibilities Inherent to Critical, Global Perspectives on Capitalist Diversity, Ian Bruff, Matthias Ebenau
  • 3. Varieties in Comparative Capitalisms Research: a Critical Juncture, Daniel Šitera