IMEMO Forecast – Russia and the World 2019


For the 5th year running, New Perspectives is proud to exclusively publish the English-language version of the IMEMO (Russian Academy of Sciences) 'Russia and the World' Forecast. The 2019 edition focuses on what the Russian Foreign Policy elite see as key issues related to 'Disorder, Power and Resistance' in international affairs. The IMEMO experts highlight difficulties within as well as between what they see as the world's great powers - but also point to the significant cracks in the frameworks that aim to constrain them and regulate their conduct. They point especially to the faltering Arms Control regime, which they see as priority - and problem - no1. The IMEMO report also highlights significant internal challenges for Russia's leadership, ranging from the structural problems of the economy to rising political discontent. For all the critique of others tossed out by the Russian leadership, this forecast shows why Russians may still be envious of conditions elsewhere  - and Russia's leaders of other countries' problems. Plenty to chew on in this fascinating glimpse into the Russian foreign policy establishment's worldview and we will, as always, be publishing a forum of responses to the report in a coming issue of NP.


Alexei Navanly by Evgeny Feldman - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0