New Perspectives – 01/2019 – Full Issue




1. Über Berlin
Benjamin Tallis

Research Articles 

2. Great Expectations: The EU's Social Role as a Great Power Manager
David M. McCourt & Andrew Glencross
3. The (Small) State of the Union: Assessing the EU's Ability to Implement Its Global Strategy
Rebecca Pedi
4. The Wrong Critiques: Why Internal Border Controls Don't Mean the End of Schengen
Markéta Votoupalová 


5. Russia and the World: IMEMO Forecast 2018
Mark Galeotti, Minda Holm, Tuomas Forsberg, Ruth Deyermond & Irina Kobrinskaya
6. Twilight of the Proletariat: Reading Critical Balkanology as Liberal Ideology
Catherine Baker, Nataša Kovačević, Dragan Kujundžić & Rade Zinaić

Cultural Cut

7. Bauhaus Imaginista: Framing Renshichirō Kawakita's Transcultural Legacy and Pedagogy
Helena Čapková