New Perspectives 2/2017

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Create Date12.10.2017

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1. Editorial - Seeing, Blindness and the Politics of Interdisciplinary IR

Benjamin Tallis

Research article

2. Diagnosing Europe: Greece, Macedonia, and the Meaning of Crisis
Joel T. Shelton

Original Essay

3. On Pseudonymous Politics: Regarding Implicit and Explicit Misconceptions of Democracy
Peter Sloterdijk


4. On Peter Sloterdijk's 'Pseudonymous Politics':
Claudia Aradau, Friedrich Kratochwil, Barry J. Ryan, Sassan Gholiagha and Benjamin Tallis
5. On Johan van der Walt's 'When One Religious Extremism Unmasks Another'
Malte Dold and Tim Krieger, Josef Hien, Charlotte Heath-Kelly, Emmanuel-Pierre Guittet, Filipe dos Reis, Ben Kamis and Johan van der Walt

Cultural Cut

6. Aliens and Herons / Vetřelci a volavky
Pavel Karous