New Perspectives 3/2017


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1. Mediating Estrangements; or, Shaking Our False Senses of (In)Security
Benjamin Tallis

Research articles

2. Against the Current: Deconstructing the Upstream/Downstream Binary in Hydropolitical Security Complexes
Péter Marton and Kinga Szálkai
3. Calls of Duty: Romanian Politicians’ Deontological Discursive Strategies for Securing Free Movement in the European Union
Saila Heinikoski


4. On On Diplomacy: James Der Derian’s Classic 30 Years On
Halvard Leira, James Der Derian, Iver B. Neumann, Merje Kuus, Michele Acuto, Paul Sharp
5. Russia and the World: 2017 IMEMO Forecast
Benjamin Tallis, Mark Galeotti, Natasha Kuhrt, Alexander Astrov, Maria Raquel Freire, Pavel K. Baev, Irina Kobrinskaya

Cultural Cut

6. Innocence, or Murder on Steep Street
Heda Margolius Kovály