Prague at the End of History

Derek Sayer, University of Alberta

The Prague Address, for the European International Studies Association (EISA) 12thPan-European Conference on International Relations, Prague, September 12, 2018.

A a special talk crafted for the EISA PEC18 that will introduce participants to various aspects of the Czech capital’s rich past and present and show that there’s so much more to Prague than the architectural beauty that so readily meets the eye and the excellent beer that so easily meets the lips. Both emblematic of wider trends in European history and yet highly particular, Sayer’s Czech histories provide a rich and often heretical account of their subject, while also showcasing his uniquely indisciplined approach that takes in politics, culture, urbanism, design, social change and Czech relations to the international. Sayer provides much that will be of interest to IR scholars, from multiply different perspectives than we usually see it from - and will provide a unique introduction to the host city of the EISA’s 12th Pan European Conference that will thoroughly ground the event in its venue.

Derek Sayer is Professor Emeritus at the University of Alberta and a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. He is a former Canada Research Chair and Professor of Cultural History at the University of Lancaster (UK). As well as those mentioned above, he is the author of many books, including Marx’s Method, The Great Arch, The Violence of Abstraction and, more recently Making Trouble: Surrealism and the Human Sciences. In Autumn 2018 he will publish a history-cum-travel guide, Prague: Crossroads of Europe, which is in press for publication in Reaktion Books’ Cityscopes series, which will be extracted in New Perspectives.