New Perspectives 01/2018


1. The World Is (Not) Heated
Benjamin Tallis

Special Section

2. The Prague Agenda
Michal Smetana, Anastasia Kazteridis, Matthew Kroenig, Sadia Tasleem, Richard Price, Jeffrey Fields, Jason Enia, Angela Kane, Dieter Fleck

Research articles

3. Writing Kafka’s Soul: Disciplinary Power, Resistance & the Authorship of the Subject
Nicholas Dungey
4. History, Nationalism, and Democracy: Myth and Narrative in Viktor Orbán’s ‘Illiberal Hungary’
Michael Toomey
5. The Fourth Generation: From Anti-Establishment to Anti-Systém Parties in Slovakia
Oľga Gyárfášová
Cultural Cut
6. HHhH & The 7th Function of Language
Laurent Binet