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New Perspectives:
Interdisciplinary Journal of Central & East European Politics and International Relations

We are delighted to present issue 01/2016 of New Perspectives – our subscribers have access to the full contents of the journal, which are listed and linked to below. However, we are also very happy to be able to offer free access to the Editorial and to one of our original articles – or two if you sign up to our newsletter (email new for details).

The Editorial seeks to provoke innovative responses to the issues that are raised by the widely recognised emergence of post-truth politics and argues that post-positivist scholars need to take more responsibility for fashioning progressive politics in post-truth conditions. Mariya Omelicheva’s and Lidiya Zubytska’s article explores the co-evolution of the theory and practice of Russian IR and its utility for understanding Russian foreign policy and international relations (download for free below). Johan van der Walt’ s intervention highlights the need to start to creatively re-interpret and re-imagine European politics, economics, societies and cultures in light of Islamic extremism but also of extremist European responses to it.

Those glimpses of New Perspectives are available for free but only our subscribers get access to the full issue, which further includes: Tomáš Weiss’ evaluation of the Czech Republic’s performance as a small-state lobbyist in EU external policy which sheds light on how states can influence Brussels – and how they can fail to do so; A fascinating Forum on the IMEMO Forecast 2016 – Russia and the World with contributions by Sergei Prozorov, Mark Galeotti, Graeme Herd, Alexander Duleba & Anatoly Reshetnikov; and a Roundtable discussion on Modernism, the International and the Possibility of an Avant-garde.

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Benjamin Tallis, Editor-in-Chief and the New Perspectives Editorial Team

1. Editorial: Living in Post-truth: Power/Knowledge/Responsibility

Benjamin Tallis

Research articles

2. An Unending Quest for Russia’s Place in the World: The Discursive Co-evolution of the Study and Practice of International Relations in Russia

Mariya Omelicheva and Lidiya Zubytska

3. Too Limited, Too Late: Evaluating the Czech Republic’s Performance as a Small-State Lobbyist in EU External Policy

Tomáš Weiss


4. When One Religious Extremism Unmasks Another: Reflections on Europe’s States of Emergency as a Legacy of Ordo-Liberal De-hermeneuticisation

Johan van der Walt


5. Responses to Russia and the World: 2016 IMEMO Forecast (published in New Perspectives 2/2015)

  • 1. Frozen Transition: Russia and Great Power Crisis Management, Anatoly Reshetnikov 
  • 2. Russia and the Missing World, Sergei Prozorov
  • 3. Russia at the Crossroads: Greater Kazakhstan or DPRK-lite? Graeme Herd
  • 4. The Plaintive Voice of Russia’s Embattled Foreign Policy Establishment, Mark Galeotti
  • 5. The “New Normal” in Russian Foreign Policy Thinking, Alexander Duleba
  • 6. Rebuttal: Russia and the World – Having Reached the Bottom of the Problem, is the Way Now Upward? Irina Kobrinskaya


6. Modernism, the International and the Possibility of an Avant Garde

Luis Armand, Benjamin Tallis, Jan Bělíček, Dita Malečková, Gregor Podlogar, Boris A. Novak

Notes on contributors