New Perspectives 2/2015

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New Perspectives:
Interdisciplinary Journal of Central & East European Politics and International Relations

We are delighted to present this second issue of New Perspectives – our subscribers have access to the full contents of the journal, which are listed and linked to below. However, we are also very happy to be able to offer free access to the Editorial and to one of our original articles.

The Editorial reflects on Bowie’s work to take us from Constellation to Constellation and explores the encounters that are provoked in this issue. Tomáš Dopita’s article provides insightful and iconoclastic analysis of Poststructuralist encounters with the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina – (Inter)national Reconstruction. Standing on the shoulders of giants, this piece pushes us beyond even the classic works of David Campbell and Lene Hansen.

Those glimpses of New Perspectives are available for free but only our subscribers get access to the full issue, which includes: Maili Vilson’s analysis of the the Baltic states’ foreign policy in relation to the Ukraine crisis; Daniel Šitera’s review essay on new, post-crisis directions in Comparative Capitalisms research; a critical forum on Ulrich Kühn’s proposal that NATO should adopt a ‘Harmel 2.0’ plan to Deter and Engage Russia; and, exclusively in English, the leading Russian think tank IMEMO’s annual forecast – Russia and the World 2016.
Benjamin Tallis, Editor-in-Chief and the New Perspectives Editorial Team

1. Editorial: Constellation to Constellation: Situation, Encounter & Doubt

Benjamin Tallis

Research articles

2. (Inter)National Reconstruction: Revising Poststructuralist Encounters with the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tomáš Dopita

3. The Foreign Policy of the Baltic States and the Ukrainian Crisis: A Case of Europeanization?

Maili Vilson

Review Essay

4. On New Travels in Space-Time: Theoretical Rediscoveries after the Crisis in (Comparative) Capitalism(s)

Daniel Šitera


5. Russia and the World: 2016. IMEMO Forecast

A. Dynkin, V. Baranovsky, I. Kobrinskaya, G. Machavariany, S. Afontsev, A. Kuznetsov, F. Voytolovsky, V. Shvydko, S. Utkin, V. Mikheev, S. Lukonin, A. Federovsky, B. Frumkin, V. Zhuravleva, I. Zvyagelskaya, N. Toganova, Y. Kvashnin, A. Gushchin


Responses to Ulrich Kuhn’s ‘Deter and Engage: Making the Case for Harmel 2.0 as NATO’s New Strategy’ (published in New Perspectives 1/2015)

  • 6. The Harm in Harmel: What the Transatlantic Alliance Needs is a New Containment, Ondřej Ditrych
  • 7. Engage with Russia? Sure, Just Don’t Throw the European Security Order under the Bus!Łukasz Kulesa
  • 8. “Deter and Engage”: A New NATO Strategy for Taming Russia, Irina Kobrinskaya
  • 9. More Realism, Please!  A Reply to Ditrych, Kulesa and Kobrinskaya, Ulrich Kühn