Perspectives 2/2009


Perspectives 2/2009 (Download PDF)




The Religious Turn in IR: A Brief Assessment

• Petr Kratochvíl


A ‘Turn to Religion’ in International Relations?

• Vendulka Kubálková


Transnational Religious Actors and International Order

• Jeffrey Haynes


International Relations and the Secularisation of Theological Concepts: A Symbolic Reading

• Mika Luoma-aho


Prophetic Politics – Leadership Based on the Stories of a Golden Past and a Glorious Future

• Jan Hanska


The Religion-Politics Nexus in East-Central Europe: Church in the Public Sphere of Post-Secular Societies

• Petr Kratochvíl

Political Inclusion as a Key Factor to Moderate Islamists: The International Community’s Choice of Policy Impacts on Hamas’s Pragmatic or Radical Tendencies

• Nataša Kubíková



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• Alena Svobodová


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• Karel Hlaváček


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• Yuki Abe


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• Daniel Schneider


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