Perspectives 2/2006


Perspectives 2/2006 (Download PDF)




IMF Surveillance and America’s Turkish Delight

Besma Momani


The European Union’s Strategic Non-Engagement in Belarus: Challenging the Hegemonic Notion of the EU as a Toothless Value Diffuser

Ian Klinke


Conflict Transformation the Estonian Way: The Estonian-Russian Border Conflict, European Integration and Shifts in Discursive Representation of the “Other”

Jevgenia Viktorova


Legitimisation Struggles in Hungarian Politics: The Contours of Competing Foreign Policies in Prime Ministers’ Speeches

Katalin Sárváry


Managing Expectations and Hidden Demands: Options for the German EU Presidency

Andreas Maurer



Akbar Ahmed and Brian Forst: After Terror: Promoting Dialogue Among Civilizations London: Polity Press, 2005, 160 pages, ISBN: 10 0745635024.

Petr Urbánek


Christopher Booker and Richard North: The Great Deception. The Secret History of the European Union (Skryté dějiny evropské integrace od roku 1918 do současnosti) Brno: Barrister & Principal, 2006, 624 pages, ISBN: 80-7364-026-0.

Lucie Tunkrová


Hanns W. Maull: Germany’s Uncertain Power: Foreign Policy of the Berlin Republic New York and Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005, 288 pages, ISBN: 1-4039-4662-0.

Daniel Adolf


Andrey Zagorskiy: Helsinki Process (Negotiations within the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe 1972–1991) Moscow: Publishing House PRAVA TCHELOVEKA, 2005, 447 pages, ISBN: 5-7712-0285-1.

Zdeněk Matějka


Jan Zielonka: Europe as Empire. The Nature of the Enlarged European Union 1st edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006, 293 pages, ISBN: 0-19-929221-3.

Ian Klinke


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